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Computing Policies

Arts & Sciences Procedures and IT Policies

Response Time
Indicate if your need is time sensitive, but please allow 24 hours for a response to a non-emeregency request. Our staff works normal University business hours, 8:30am -5pm Monday-Friday (with adjustments for summer and holiday hours). If off-hours work is required, it musty be approved in advance. Do not leave requests on staff members phones or individual email; contact us via our email address consult@cas.syr.edu.

Computing for Staff and Faculty
Full time staff and faculty in The College are furnished with a computer workstation. Part-time and temporary staff and faculty are furnished computers based on need and availability. Our computing group does not support student computing, visit the ITS website for student computing needs and informaiton.

On-Site  and Mobile Computers
Assistance covers almost any issue with your main workstation that performs work for the University and the College. It includes installing university-licensed software and approved updates, repairing and maintaining the computer, access to shared workgroup files, adding a printer or scanner, and additional work-related technical assistance. If your workstation is a mobile unit, we require it be set up in accordance with SU policies for safe and secure access to campus resources. With some exceptions for research applications, Computers will generally be "managed" and users will not have the ability to add additional software or operating systems.

Off-Site Computers
We do not repair or troubleshoot personally-owned home computers. The following applies to SU-owned computers which are being used at a faculty or staff member's home for University business purposes only. These systems will be offered a limited amount of support, and that support will be at a lower priority than on-campus computers.

Data Support
We will only support data related to activities at Syracuse University, which should be stored on our file server. Personal data files are not supported, including external drives and handheld devices. We are not responsible for data recovery. Any personal files should be backed up before we receive the computer or device for service. In the case of a failed hard drive, we work with outside data-recovery companies who charge a fee for the service. You or your department are responsible for any charges for data recovery.

Disposal of old Computers and peripherals
When replacement computers are installed in The College, the old computer is in most cases returned to the Computing Services Group for reallocation or disposal. The University has set policies on the disposal of computer equipment to comply with State and Federal laws. For more information contact CSG.

Syracuse University IT Policies