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The Best Way to Alert Us is via Email

Please submit your request as follows...

All requests should be made via e-mail to consult@cas.syr.edu. In the event your email is not functional, find another computer to email from (departmental staff computer). Please give the following information:

  • Make of the computer, operating system and approximate date of installation.
  • If a Dell, the name of the computer if labeled, and/or serial number or express service printed on the computer. Laptops have the service codes on the bottom.
  • Type of problem, whether it is new or persistent, and any changes made to the system recently.
  • A phone number where we can contact you, and/or the person who can give us access to the computer.

In the event that email is unavailable, use our web form below. If the first two options are unavailable, leave a voice message with Jeff Pitt, CSG Director 443-9549. Our staff members are generally in the field servicing machines and do not answer phone requests. Emailed requests go directly to our pagers and request system, phone messages do not, so please use email if possible!

Request for Assistance
If possible, send an email directly to consult@cas.syr.edu. If you do not have access to email, use this form to start a request. Allow up to 24 hours for our staff to review the request and contact you. It may take longer during peak periods (such as the first weeks of the Semester).
Please complete the following:
First Name:   Last Name: 

Campus Address: 

Email Address: 
Campus Phone: 

Operating System:
Macintosh  Unix    Windows   Other  Don't Know

Manufacturer, Model and Serial No. of Computer: 

Description of problem. Give software application and version (MS Word, Office 2010). If possible, determine size of hard disk and amount of memory installed in computer. Note any error messges on the screen.

Revised 3/2011. Arts and Sciences Computing Services Group consult@cas.syr.edu.