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Support Overview

Working with you in The College

Faculty and Staff in Arts and Sciences:

Assistance covers almost any issue with your main workstation that performs work for the University and the College. It includes installing a new computer system, upgrading an existing one, installing software, and adding a printer or scanner. We consult with you and direct you to applications which you or your workgroup may need to perform your job at Syracuse University.  For faculty, we assist you in acquiring the correct system to use in the classroom or for your research. We set up web-based document systems (Sharepoint), manage our own and department websites using the Cascade CMS, and support video conferencing technologies. We do limited individual and group training in conjuntion with ITS. We register visiting faculty computers for use on the campus network, as well as our regular faculty and staff machines.

Operating systems

We support the current Windows and Macintosh operating systems fully.  We offer limited support for Linux, which includes security audits for systems to ensure that machines are configured properly.  We offer limited support for older operating systems, and discontinue support when the vendors discontinue support.


We support and purchase Apple computers and the Dell Optiplex desktops and Latitude laptops.  Computers outside of those groups will receive very limited support.

Support for Student computing in Arts and Sciences is offered by ITS,  Information Technology Services.
Students should contact ITS with such issues as computer lab locations and schedules, NetIDs and passwords, email, problems with their own personal computer, connecting their own computer in dormitories, and more. Find this informaiton online at http://its.syr.edu