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Loaner Computers and Spare Parts
We may be able to supply a loaner computer (with standard applications) for a few days. This is at our discretion, and usually only applies to a critical computing situation, a medical emergency, or where a new hire's computer order is delayed for an extended period of time. We do not maintain a stock of replacement parts (power supplies, printer cables, drives) and any parts we have are recovered (used) from previous installations and labs. In general, if your computer needs a part that is not under warranty, you will be responsible for purchasing that item.


The College website and many department websites are based on the Cascade CMS server. This Content Management System allows non-technical staff to make content changes on department websites. The conversion from private websites began in fall 2009. If your department is interested in utilizing Cascade send an email to consult@cas.syr.edu.

Individual websites are available through ITS.  More information at: http://its.syr.edu/applications/mysite.html

Other resources: