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Networks and Connectivity

Staff and Faculty
Your campus computer is connected to a variety of resources, administrative applications, internet and email, usually via a cabled connection to a wall port. Your desktop computer is registered for use at SU and connected to your workgroup resources (files, printing) at the time of installation. Should your workgroup change physical locations (move offices to another building) the computer equipment will often need to be re-registered. Arts and Sciences computing assists you with connectivity problems for your office, so any problems should be reported to consult@cas.syr.edu.

In addition to your primary computer, you may have wireless devices such as an iPhone, iPad or laptop either SU purchased or your personal property. These devices may be required to "authenticate" to the SU network. Details are at: http://its.syr.edu/wireless/

In no case should you install your own wireless access point in your office or research space. These devices interfere with the SU network coverage and can cause outages for other computers in the building. Contact consult@cas.syr.edu if you need additional wireless devices or access installed.

New construction and network upgrades
Several Arts and Sciences building are involved in the master network upgrade currently in progress. Learn more at http://nmp.syr.edu/index.html.
If new construction is occurring in your building the A&S computing group is available to advise, and we work with the design team to ensure there will be sufficient ports and coverage for your area.

When off campus
Syracuse University utilizes a VPN (Virtual Private Network, requiring a special software tool to access campus resources from home or when traveling. Refer to the information located at http://its.syr.edu/security/remoteaccess/vpn2.cfm

Home Internet Service Providers
Service providers in the campus area (some offer SU discounts) are listed at:

Telephones and fax machines
Phones both cellular and land-lines are handled through the telecom office: