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Labs & Classrooms

A&S Computing Services supports department-level computer labs and classrooms which are captive to the department. This means that the college or the department must fund and have control the facility, and the department is responsible for contacting our computing group for repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

The labs currently supported by  A&S Computing include:

  • MLK Library
  • Honors
  • Biology
  • Writing
  • Languages
  • Math (2nd floor grad, Carnegie 100 teaching)
  • Earth Sciences
  • Communications Sciences and Disorders lab and the Gebbie Clinic
  • Writing (two labs and Writing Center)
  • Languages, Literatures and Linguistics lab

Additionally, there are many departments with one or two shared computers set up for student use. These computers vary as to platform and software installed, and any problems should be channeled through the department.

Classroom Support

Most classrooms have a windows system built in to the console and have the option to connect a Windows or Macintosh laptop. If you bring a Macintosh laptop please bring the appropriate video adapter as those are not furnished. Most classrooms also have a DVD (non-bluRay) player and a document camera. If you have special needs make an appointment to check out the classroom in advance of the first day of class.

Public classrooms across Syracuse University, see these pages for more information:

Typical classroom design

Specific equipment in each classroom (smart classroom guide)

Checking for classroom availability

Public Labs at Syracuse University:

Lab locations map

Software offered