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The Computing Services Group supports all faculty and staff in the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics in The College with the exception of the following: Writing, Psychology and Language, Literature and Linguistics, and the unix systems and servers in Physics. Check the Contact Us page for your computing support person if you are a member of one of these departments. Student computing requests, including labs and residence hall computing, should be directed to ITS (Information Technology Services).

Send an email to notify us of a problem with your computer, request assistance or ask for information. When you send an email to consult@cas.syr.edu, the request is available to any one (or all) of our computer consultants. Someone will read, research and respond to your request, usually within 24 hours. Realize you may wait a bit longer at certain times of the year, or when we are implementing system-wide upgrades or changes.

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Arts and Sciences computing orders in May for upgrades for the fall semester

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Information Technology Services
this group supports campus wide accounts and email, blackboard and more
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